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Thyroid Surgery

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Thyroid Surgery

Best Thyroid Surgeon in Kolkata

Wanna connect to a highly experienced thyroid surgeon in Kolkata? Then we’ve covered it for you. Prof. Dr. Sayandev Dasgupta is an internationally praised, highly experienced and best thyroid surgeon in Kolkata having expertization in laparoscopic surgery.

Prof. Dr. Sayandev Dasgupta is one of the most experienced thyroid surgeons in Kolkata with having more than 30 years of experience. He has been in the surgical field for decades and gained expertise over a variety of surgical procedures including critical thyroid cases.

What is thyroid surgery?

Thyroidectomy or Thyroid Surgery, is a surgical procedure to remove the thyroid gland. It can be a total removal or a partial removal according to the severity of the disease. The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland situated on the base of the neck. It secretes hormones that help to control metabolism and heart rate.

Why thyroid surgery is done?

Doctors recommend thyroid surgery in several thyroid diseases such as –

  • Thyroid cancer – the most common reason for thyroid surgery is thyroid cancer.
  • Hyperthyroidism or overactive thyroid – in hyperthyroidism the thyroid gland secretes excessive thyroxine hormone.
  • Noncancerous enlargement of the gland or goiter – goiter causes difficulty in swallowing and breathing, therefore, surgical removing of complete or partial thyroid is an option of treatment.
  • Suspicious thyroid nodules – some thyroid nodules can’t be recognized as noncancerous or cancerous, hence, doctors may recommend thyroid surgery to avoid the increased risk of cancer.

Types of thyroid surgery

Doctors perform different types of thyroid surgery in different thyroid conditions. The most recommended types of thyroid surgery include –

  • Lobectomy – doctors remove only one or two thyroid lobes instead of removing the major part of the thyroid.
  • Partial thyroidectomy – doctors remove most parts of the thyroid gland but leave a small amount of thyroid that can preserve some thyroid functions.
  • Complete thyroidectomy – doctors remove the entire thyroid gland associated with thyroid tissues to prevent the disease.

If you need any type of help regarding thyroid surgery related issues, you should immediately contact Dr. Dasgupta’s clinic.

Thyroid Surgery Cost

Generally Thyroid treatment cost is depends on certain factors like The nature of the condition, How severe the condition is, Whether it requires surgery or not, Assistance sought from the doctor and the hospital bed cost.

If it is a normal examine-and-prescribe medicine routine, then the cost may range from 500 INR to 1500 INR. However, if the condition has subsided to be on the serious side and requires surgery, then depending on the procedure, and methodology chosen to operate, the cost may start from 60,500 INR. To know more about how much exactly the Thyroid treatment cost in Kolkata may amount to, you have to contact the on-call doctor Sayandev Dasgupta.

Patient's Common Question about Thyroid Surgery and Our Answer

1.How long is the wait for thyroid surgery?

Thyroid surgery have not serious adverse effect. Patient return to normal stage with in 24 hours and only very few patients experience neck pain and a hoarse voice after the procedure. In that case we need one or two days more to leave the patients. Be sure these symptoms are often short-term so no need to worry about this.

A certified otolaryngologist can treat thyroid surgery and Dr Sayandev Dasgupta is a professor and oldest surgeon in Kolkata to treat thyroid surgery.

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