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Fissure surgery cost in Kolkata

Fissure surgeries are usually minor, having a recovery period of few weeks

Sphincterotomy is the medical term for fissure surgery . This medical condition is very common in young adults. Women after childbirth may also suffer from this problem. Infants show some symptoms of anal fissures, that are usually cured with proper medication. Surgical treatment must be the last resolve to such problems when all prescribed medicines and ointments fail to deliver effective result.

The success rate for fissure healing following surgery was 92 %, being significantly more likely in patients with textbook symptoms (p = 0.016) and those with chronic disease (p = 0.006). The overall complication rate was 13.2 %. Long-term objective and symptomatic incontinence were reported by two (5.6 %) patients, one of whom required a colostomy.

The Cost of fissure surgery in Kolkata approximates to INR 20,000 to INR 40,000.according to different states and perimeters these prizes may differ just like The average cost in Kolkata for this surgery is Rs. 34176.00 starting from The minimum cost of this surgery from Rs. 5000.00And the maximum cost of it goes to Rs. 85000.00

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