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Thyroid Surgery – Procedure and Recovery

Thyroid issues are very common now nowadays, but everyone doesn’t require any surgical procedure. Thyroid surgery or Thyroidectomy is typically recommended by doctors only when the condition becomes severe and does not respond to non-surgical treatments.

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So, before we get started with a little bit detail of procedure, recovery, and cost, it’s important to know what thyroid surgery actually is, and why it’s done.

What is Thyroid Surgery?

Thyroidectomy, also known as thyroid surgery, is a surgical procedure to remove the thyroid gland. It can be a total removal or a partial removal according to the severity of the disease. The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland situated on the base of the neck. It secretes hormones that help to control metabolism and heart rate.

Why a Thyroid Surgery is Done?

Thyroid surgery or thyroidectomy is performed to treat and manage thyroid diseases such as cancer, hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid), and noncancerous growth of the thyroid gland, known as goiter. Thyroid surgery is also applicable to treat suspicious thyroid nodules that are not diagnosed properly.

The Procedure of Thyroid Surgery

Before Thyroid surgery

Surgeons usually perform the surgical procedure with general anesthesia. The anesthetist or anesthesiologist injects a liquid anesthetic medication into a vein. To assist breathing throughout the surgical procedure, a breathing tube is placed in the trachea.

The operation team places various monitors on the patient’s body to ensure that the blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen level in the blood remain at safe levels during the whole procedure.

During Thyroid Surgery

Once the patient is unconscious, the surgeon makes an incision (cut) in the lower center of the patient’s neck. The whole thyroid or a part is then removed as per the reason for the surgery. It takes generally 1 to 2 hours to perform a thyroid surgery, but it can be more or less, depending on the conditions and complexity of the surgery.

Various approaches can be considered to thyroid surgery, including –

  • Conventional thyroidectomy
  • Transoral thyroidectomy
  • Endoscopic thyroidectomy

After Thyroid surgery

After surgery, the patient is transferred to a recovery monitoring room where a special health care team always monitors the patient’s recovery from the anesthesia and surgery. When the patient is fully conscious, he or she will be conveyed to the hospital bed.

Some patients may require to place a drain under the incision, this drain is generally removed the next day morning.

The patient will be able to drink and eat as usual after thyroidectomy. Doctors may suggest going home the same day of surgery or may recommend staying overnight or a few days depending on the type of surgery and condition of the patient.

After going home, patients can return to their normal regular activities but have to wait for at least 10 to 14 days for doing anything vigorous. It may take up to a year to fade the scar completely. Doctors may prescribe sunscreen to minimize the scar faster.

Recovery From a Thyroid Surgery

Thyroid surgery or thyroidectomy usually doesn’t show any serious adverse effect after the surgical procedure and allows the patient to return to normal activities within 24 hours. A very few patients experience neck pain and a hoarse voice after the procedure. These symptoms are often short-term and can be managed easily with some medications.

More Guide for Thyroid Surgery

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