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Breast Enlargement & Reduction and It’s Types

Every woman is unique in their way just like their body. Furthermore, the popularity of plastic cosmetic surgery and breast surgery is very well known and widespread among women across the world. Body modification has been advertised by both celebrities and regular people as a way to boost self-esteem and achieve an attractive personality.

Women always provide extra attention when it comes to their looks and style statements. So, there does not seem to be a limit to a woman’s ability to better herself through physical alteration, from hair transplants to breast implants to Botox.

In this article, we will discuss a very serious topic, which is breast enlargement and breast reduction surgery. But before that let us know what breast enlargement or breast reduction is in brief.

What is Breast Enlargement?

Breast enlargement is a procedure where women have their breasts enlarged using various implants, such as saline implantation, silicone gel implantation, fat transfer, autologous fat transplantation etc. are just a few of the numerous types of popular breast enlargement procedures available in current medical practices. Plastic surgeons with years ofexpertise in cosmetic surgery carry out these procedures for error-proof outcomes.

Why Does Breast Enlargement Take Place?

Women may choose to undergo breast enlargement surgery because they do not feel confident about their breasts that are not big enough. In addition, women may choose to have breast augmentation surgery to boost their confidence, achieve symmetry, treat physical deformities, look younger and more attractive, increase attractiveness, and many other reasons.

According to research, women with smaller breasts are also more likely to experience mental health problems like depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, etc. Typically, these women choose breast augmentation surgery as a way to deal with their mental health issues.

What is Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction surgery is a fine surgical procedure that removes excess fat and skin from the breasts. This surgery is primarily focused to reduce the size of both breasts and making them appear smaller, or as desired by the women undergoing the procedure. Just like breast enlargement surgery breast reduction surgery also requires experience plastic surgeons with years of expertise in the cosmetic surgery space to carry out these precise procedures successfully and smoothly.

Why Does Breast Reduction Take Place?

After pregnancy, women who have had children often experience that their breasts are larger than usual. So, these women may decide to undergo breast reduction surgery to restore their breast size to a level that is close to normal. There are numerous reasons why people choose to have breast reduction surgery.

One of the most important reasons is to boost one’s self-esteem. Making oneself feel more comfortable in wearing their favourite clothing is an additional justification.The desire to dress well is a third justification. The majority of women prefer to wear low-cut tops, dresses, and shirts. However, they feel reluctant and uncomfortable about flaunting their engorged breasts.

Types of Breast Enlargement or Reducing

In recent years, the following are some of the most popular breast enlargement or reduction surgery procedures which are performed by the best experienced cosmetic surgeons in India:

  • Breast Reduction Surgery: It is a plastic surgery procedure used to reduce the size of large breasts.
  • Augmentation Mammoplasty: A cosmetic surgery procedure that uses various breast implants to increase the size of the breasts.
  • Mastectomy: A surgical procedure that removes the breast in case of breast cancer.
  • Lumpectomy: It is the surgery performed to remove a lump of breast tissue.
  • Breast-Conserving Surgery: It is a less invasive surgical procedure for removing breast cancer that avoids mastectomy.
  • Mastopexy: It is a breast-lifting surgery.
  • Surgical Breast Biopsy:  A procedure used to collect tissues for pathological analysis.
  • Microdochectomy: It is a surgical procedure that removes the lactiferous ducts present in the breast.

Final Words:

Large breasts can cause shoulder and back pain as well as discomfort and embarrassment. Additionally, for some women, it can cause anxiety and Depression. Therefore, if you do not like the way your breasts look, you should opt to have breast reduction surgery.

So, if you want to give yourself a perfect shape, such as to increase, decrease, uplift, or alter the shape of your breasts, schedule a consultation with one of the best breast surgeons in Kolkata, Dr Sayandev Dasgupta.

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