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Cost of Fissure Treatment & Surgery in Kolkata

Fissure is an anorectal disease in which the patient feels pain and often bleeds during bowel movements. Constipation, obesity, hypothyroidism, tumors, and the presence of such other disorders can worsen the scenario. It is a prevalent disease, especially in urban and suburban areas. Sometimes the patient can feel a paper cut or tear at the mucosal lining of the anus; it may not seem to be a severe issue, but if left untreated, it may cause serious health problems and issues. Home remedies are consistently effective in such conditions. Several surgical operations are helpful to cure this pain permanently.

The expenses differ for different processes, including risk factors and complexity. Here in this content, a brief discussion will highlight the costs of fissure treatment and surgery in Kolkata.

Different Costs For Different Methods

 Different types of treatments are available for fissures for various health conditions. If the patient feels that the situation is getting worse within 4 to 6 weeks, they should consult a physician. Only an expert in this field can guide you about the different methods of fissure treatment and surgeries and their costs.

Generally, home remedies and medicines are provided initially to check the growth of further complexities. It costs almost ₹500-1500. Apart from that, there are several other methods that an expert can choose for fissure surgeries depending on the patient’s health condition. Some are fissure laser treatment, open fissure surgery, sphincterotomy, fissurotomy , and boutuline injection. An approximate cost detail is given in the chart below for a general understanding.

Types of fissure treatmentApproximate cost
Medication and home remediesRs 500 to Rs 1500
Laser treatmentRs 40,000 to Rs 85,000
Open fissure surgeryRs 35,000 to Rs 75,000
SphincterotomyRs 32,000 to Rs 65,000
FissurotomyRs 34,000 to Rs 73,000
Boutuline injectionRs 25,000 to Rs 35,000

Advantages of Laser Surgery:

Among the methods mentioned above, many doctors use laser treatment for fissure operations. It has a lot of benefits like:

  • It reduces the risk of infection.
  • Chance of getting cured increases.
  • No scar is formed.
  • The complexity of the post-surgical stage decreases.
  • Need to stay at the hospital just for one day.
  • No chance of any accidental bleeding.

Overall Cost of Fissure Laser Treatment in Kolkata

The Overall cost of surgery and treatment for fissures varies in different states of India. It also depends upon various factors, health conditions, and methods. In Kolkata, the approximate cost is about ₹40k to ₹65k. It is not an extremely expensive operation. So ignoring it for a long time may develop into a severe issue. Prof. Dr. Sayandeb Dasgupta is the best expert in Kolkata to perform such functions at a reasonable price.

Factors Related to the Cost of The Operation:

There are several factors which are the causes, responsible for different costs of operation like:

  • Type of Operation to be performed.
  • Cost of Laboratory test.
  • Anesthesiologist, post-surgical follow-ups, etc.
  • The fee of the specialist.
  • Type of the hospital.
  • No. of days to stay in the hospital etc.

It is a quick view of Kolkata’s fissure treatment and surgery costs. If you feel any problems like this, feel free to contact us. We’re here to help you with a cost-effective fissure treatment using the latest technologies

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