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Hernia surgery cost in Kolkata

Usually, hernia surgery cost in Kolkata ranges from INR 25000 to INR 120000 depending on the type of the hernia condition and surgical approach performed. In Kolkata there are many hospitals that offer individualized and quality care for hernia surgery. So hernia surgery costs is widely depending upon various factors, including –

  • Type of hernia
  • Type of surgery
  • Reputation and facility of the hospital
  • Experience of the surgeon
  • Patient’s other medical condition
  • And more.

However, hernia surgery cost in Kolkata usually ranges from INR 25000 to INR 120000 depending on the various factors.

Primary Cost Depending Factors-

A Hernia surgery cost is primary depending upon procedure of surgery, Hospital facilities, condition of patent, day required for recovery and many more.

  • Laparoscopic hernia surgery – laparoscopic surgery is considered the minimally invasive hernia repair as the procedure is less damaging to the surrounding portion. Laparoscopic hernia surgery is performed using a laparoscope, a thin, telescope-like instrument. In this surgical procedure, a laparoscope is inserted through a small incision into the abdomen to visualize the defect and repairing process on a monitor.
  • Open hernia surgery – in an open hernia surgical procedure, doctors open the abdomen near to the affected site and then push the displaced tissue back into the place in the abdomen, sometimes with a surgical mesh. Laparoscopic surgery doesn’t fit to all hernia conditions. Doctors carefully analyze the condition and recommend an individualized treatment plan according to complexity of the disease. 
  • Doctor’s Consultation Fee – The cost is also dependent with doctor’s expertise and surgical experience in Hernia. In Kolkata the cost of doctor’s consultation is very between INR 1000 to INR 2000.
  • Diagnostic Fee -To locate the exact position and location of Hernia Doctor suggest one or more medical test like X-Ray, MRI and CT Scan. Doctor may also recommend other tests, such as blood, liver, and urine checks, to determined the right condition of the patient’s. All these also effect the costing of hernia Surgery. The costing of all test very between INR 4000 to INR 10000.
  • Types of Hernia – Hernia is classified in to six types namely inguinal, umbilical, Incisional, hiatal, Epigastric and femoral hernia, All these hernia surgery have different costing like Inguinal Hernia cost is approx 65K, Hiatal Hernia cost 1.2 L, Formal Hernia 60K, Umbilical hernia 62K, Incisional herna 72K and Epigastric hernia 70K. In this type of hernia Hiatal Hernia have higher cost value i.e 1.2 L.
  • Age of the Patient – Costing is also depends up on the age of Patient because aged people required additional care which leads to cost increasing.

Profile of Dr Sayandev Dasgupta

Dr. Sayandev Dasgupta is among the most experienced surgeons in Kolkata as well as in India with over 30 years of experience in diverse surgical procedures. He, is one of the pioneers in laparoscopic surgery, has been performing numerous critical laparoscopic surgeries including hernia surgery in Kolkata since 1992.

Dr. Dasgupta’s expertise also covers bile duct surgery, gallstone surgery, stomach surgery, piles and hemorrhoids surgery, breast surgery, and many more. Contact Dr. Dasgupta’s clinic if you need any help regarding surgery. 

FAQ Related Hernia Surgery –

Which is better Laparoscopic or Open surgery for hernia?

Off course laparoscopic is the right option for hernia surgery because it is safe and pain free surgery.

Is Hernia Surgery safe?

Yes! Hernia Surgery is safe. But be sure always choose experience surgeon for this. In Kolkata there are many trainee surgeon doing this job.

How long is a hernia surgery?

The time for hernia surgery is depending upon size of hernia, type of hernia surgery and expertise of Surgeon but mostly it takes approx 40 to 90 minutes. And after surgery you have to spend 1 to 2 hours in rest room before leave.

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