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Piles surgery cost in Kolkata

Surgery costing is always be the higher count, Be it piles, hernia or anything else and this is the main reason people seeking costing for it and it is the primary concerns of all patient. In terms of piles surgery, costing are very city to city and in Kolkata on average cost for piles surgery range between 45000 to 85000 depending upon process of surgery, hospital charge, condition of patient and doctor charge.

Piles is another term for hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are collections of inflamed tissue in the anal canal. They contain blood vessels, support tissue, muscle, and elastic fibers. The average cost of piles surgery in India is usually between Rs. 7,800 to Rs. 1,40,000.

Varied treatments and their average costs –

  • Out-patient treatments : These are treatments that you can have in hospital, but you won’t need to stay overnight and it costs some around INR 15000-20000
  • Banding : This is used mostly for second and third degree piles, but you can also have it if self-help treatments haven’t worked for your first degree piles.Your doctor will place a small elastic band just above the pile. This will cut off the blood supply to the pile, causing it to die and fall off after a few days. The raw area left behind will heal up naturally. The cost for this treatment lies between INR 30,000 to  INR 60,000
  • Sclerotherapy: – This is an injection of an oily solution known as a sclerosant into first or second degree piles. The oil causes the pile to shrink and fall off. The cost of sclerotherapy depends upon the number of sessions required for the complete treatment. Each session costs around INR 5000.
  • In-patient treatments: – These are treatments that you have in hospital. You may need to stay overnight so that your doctors can monitor your progress afterwards.
  • Haemorrhoidectomy: – This is the surgical removal of piles. Your doctor may suggest a haemorrhoidectomy if you have third or fourth degree piles, or if banding or sclerotherapy hasn’t worked. The operation is done under general anesthetic. This means you will be asleep during the operation and feel no pain. Typically, you must not eat or drink for about six hours before a general anesthetic. However, some anesthetists allow occasional sips of water until two hours beforehand. The average cost in Kolkata for this surgery varies from INR25,000 to INR 40,000.
  • Haemorrhoidopexy: – This is a newer surgical technique that involves removing a doughnut shaped piece of tissue to lift up the anal cushions, preventing them from prolapsing. Because a stapling instrument is used to join the two sides of the resulting wound, the operation is also called a stapled haemorrhoidopexy. This cost some around INR 45000 to 60000 on an average.

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FAQ Related Piles Surgery-

Is piles surgery good?

Yes! because a healthy diet and over-the-counter medicines aren’t enough to treat a piles patients. Most of time piles surgery are safe but you need a proper diet, avoid constipation and take rest as per doctor guidance.

Is laser surgery good for piles?

Today, laser surgery is a popular choice for any procedure, and if a patient does not exhibit specific pre-determined symptoms, laser surgery is the best and most successful treatment option for piles. Although laser surgery may be less painful and have fewer side effects.

Do piles come back after surgery?

Yes but this is a small percentage of people will have their piles grow back after the surgery but you need to follow some steps that may take to avoid recurrence.

When do piles need surgery?

When external or prolapsed haemorrhoids become inflamed, infected, or if problems develop in that case you need piles surgery.

How painful a piles laser surgery?

Laser Surgery is less painful compared to scalpel incisions. Even though the operation is performed under local anaesthetic, individuals may experience pain as the anaesthesia wears off. The pain associated with laser surgery is significantly reduced.

How Much Piles Laser Treatment Can Cost in Kolkata?

In Kolkata, the cost of piles surgery varies from 40k to 55k approximately and depending on the medical condition of the patient, the cost may fluctuate.

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