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Laparoscopic Piles Laser Treatment in Kolkata: Costs Advantages & Disadvantages

Surgery is one of the important ways for curing piles. In India, too, laparoscopic surgeries are becoming very popular nowadays. Dr. Sayan Dasgupta is an eminent laparoscopic surgeon with 30+ years of experience in laparoscopic surgery.

What is Plies Laparoscopic Surgery?

 Laparoscopic is an improved kind of operation where surgeries are performed by using small incisions with the help of a camera. Generally in the abdomen area or in the pelvis this operation is done by cutting a small length.

Advantages of Laparoscopic Surgeries for Piles

 There are many advantages of laparoscopic surgery which has made this popular both to the doctors and to the patients. Some of them are-

  • Lesser Pain: In laparoscopic surgery a small length tissue is being cut. It creates very small scars and is healed quickly. So less medicines are needed and it makes the method less complicated.
  • Stay Fewer Days in Hospital: In laparoscopic surgery of piles, the patient has to stay in hospitals only for two nights. The recovery period takes nearly 2 to 3 weeks. So the patient can get back to normal life very quickly. But in the traditional method the wound would take a lot more time to recover.
  • Risk Factor Reduce: As the wound of cutting is lesser so the risk of external contaminants is also reduced. The risk of infections decreases in such cases.

Disadvantages of Laparoscopic Surgeries for Piles:

There are some disadvantages associated with laparoscopic surgery also. In spite of its fast and secure facilities, laparoscopic surgery has a risk of-

  • Limited Scope: The surgeon should be very skillful in this as this kind of surgery needs non intuitive motor skills. In a very limited area, the surgeon has to perform the surgery.
  • Problems in Perception: Sometimes it is problematic to understand how much depth is needed for the wound. In some cases it can create problems while performing the surgery.
  • Difficulty in Estimation: The surgery sometimes feels problematic to feel the tissue. Hence complexity arises.

Risk Associated With Laparoscopic Surgeries  

Although there are many advantages of laparoscopic surgeries, some risk factors are also included in it. Some of them are as follows.

  • Risk of Other Injuries: While insertion, there is a risk of Trocker injuries which can lead to umbilical wound infections, hernia, hematoma, etc.
  • Past History Can Create Problems: If the patient has any complexity related pulmonary disorder, they may be intolerant to the gas in the abdominal cavity. In this case the surgeon has to change the process of surgery.
  • Sensitive Cases Can Be Dangerous: If the patient is intolerant to cold, dry gases, or has a history of peritoneal trauma and hypothermia, surgical humidification is needed to be used in surgeries.
  • Other Disorders Happen: Dense adhesions of previous abdominal surgery and coagulation disorder are some of the additional risks of laparoscopic surgery.
  • Risk of Electrical Burns: The mishaps of electrical wounds can create peritonitis.

How to Diagnosis Laparoscopy

 Laparoscopy has become a part of diagnosis in some specific situations. The example of such can be-

  • Pain in Abdomen.
  • Abnormal bleeding in which the source can not be identified.
  • Intra-abdominal malignancy can also be counted for diagnosis.
  • Problems related to intestines are in need of special medical attention.

Cost of Laparoscopic Plies Surgery in Kolkata:

The cost of laparoscopic piles surgery is estimated around 40-50 thousands. But the cost may vary due to the different conditions of the patient. Here in Kolkata Dr. Sayan Dasgupta is present to give the patient an exclusive medical treatment in a pocket friendly budget.

Factors Related to The Cost of Piles Surgery: The cost of laparoscopic piles surgery mentioned above isn’t a fixed rate. There are several factors associated with surgery on which the cost may depend.

  • Type of the piles.
  • Type of surgery needed.
  • Health condition of the patient.
  • The number of diagnostics tests needed.
  • The type and location of the hospital.
  • Consultation fee.
  • Medication and daycare charges.
  • Pre & Post paid follow-up sessions. All these factors are added while accumulating the surgery of piles in Kolkata.

Dr. Sayan Dasgupta is the best lifesaver for you if you’re thinking of laparoscopic piles surgery in Kolkata. He can provide you the best multi-speciality and cost effective piles surgery to get off the pain.

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