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Hernia Repair in Kolkata

Laparoscopic vs Open Hernia Repair in Kolkata: Understanding the Pros of Minimally Invasive Surgery

Hernia is a common problem that affects millions of people worldwide. Getting timely treatment can prevent serious complications. If you are looking for the best hernia surgery in Kolkata, Prof. Dr. SayandevDasGupta is one of the top Laparoscopic surgeons you can consult.

In this blog, we will understand different aspects of hernia treatment with Prof. DasGupta.

Hernia Types and Causes

There are different types of hernias like inguinal, femoral, umbilical or incisional hernia. The main cause is weakness in the abdominal wall muscles allowing internal organs or tissues to protrude through it. Heavy lifting, constipation, persistent coughing, obesity etc can increase pressure inside and lead to hernias. Timely diagnosis and repair is needed to prevent strain or incarceration of tissues.

Hernia Symptoms and Diagnosis

Common hernia symptoms include bulging or lump in the groin or abdomen, pain or discomfort especially while lifting heavy objects, swelling etc. Prof. DasGupta conducts thorough physical examination to check for lumps, tenderness and its reducibility. Diagnostic tests like ultrasound may be advised to confirm type and severity. This helps plan the best hernia surgery.

Treatment Options for Hernia

Traditionally, hernia repair involved open surgery but now laparoscopic or keyhole surgery has become the gold standard treatment worldwide. It has fewer complications and faster recovery. Prof. DasGupta, being a pioneer in advanced laparoscopic procedures in India, performs laparoscopic hernia surgery.

Prof. DasGupta performs a variety of laparoscopic procedures for hernia repair including TAP, TEP and e-TEP. These minimally invasive techniques allow repair of the hernia defect from within the abdominal cavity via small incisions. For TAP, TEP or e-TEP procedures, miniature cameras and surgical tools are inserted through cuts to access the hernia site. Mesh is then placed laparoscopically to reinforce the weakened abdominal wall.

For complex ventral or incisional hernias, Prof. DasGupta utilizes the AWR technique. This advanced laparoscopic method involves reconstructing the abdominal wall with mesh while avoiding the need for a large skin incision. The choice of procedure depends on factors like the patient’s medical history, hernia characteristics and imaging findings. USG and CT scans help evaluate the hernia anatomy in detail prior to surgery.

Which approach is suitable for each individual is carefully determined by Prof. DasGupta on a case-by-case basis. All laparoscopic options allow faster recovery versus open surgery due to less post-operative pain and improved cosmetic results. Prof. DasGupta’s expertise ensures the most effective minimally invasive technique is selected.

The hernia operation cost for laparoscopic surgery ranges from Rs.30,000- Rs.1,00,000 depending on hospital, surgeon’s experience and hernia type.

Benefits of Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery

Some key benefits of choosing Prof. Dr. DasGupta for laparoscopic hernia surgery in Kolkata include:

– Minimal blood loss, fewer complications and reduced hospital stay compared to open surgery. Patients recover quickly.

– Less post-surgery pain means there is no need for prolonged consumption of strong painkillers. stitch-less procedure.

– Improved cosmetic result with hidden scars due to use of smaller ports instead of a large incision.

– Faster return to normal activities like work within a few days unlike weeks needed after open hernia repair.

– Increased success and lower recurrence rates with use of meshes and surgical expertise. Patients don’t need repeated surgeries.

Why choose Prof. DasGupta for hernia surgery?

Prof. Dr. SayandevDasGupta has over 30 years of experience in advanced GI and bariatric laparoscopic surgeries including more than 5000 successful hernia repairs. Some key reasons to choose him include:

– Pioneer laparoscopic surgeon credited with establishing laparoscopic surgery programs across India.

– Performs routine as well as complex hernias using various techniques like open, TAP, TEP, e-TEP and AWR procedures for complex ventral hernias. He chooses best method for each case. 

– Associated with major hospitals like AMRI and BehalaBalanandaBramhachariHospital  in Kolkata equipped with latest OTs, and ICUs  for surgery suites ensuring safety and successful outcomes.

– Available for consultations at +919830030390. Provides treatment plans, guides on preparations, arranges tests and ensures smooth hospitalization. 

– Ensures transparent discussions around treatment choices, costs and ensures coordinated care with dieticians, physiotherapists etc. for fast recovery.

So in summary, for reliable laparoscopic hernia surgery with latest techniques and highest success rates, consult Prof. Dr. SayandevDasGupta. Timely treatment can help avoid complications and expensive emergency surgeries. Choose the best surgeon for assured recovery.

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